Black and red artisan hand painted authentic female deer skull head

Black and red artisan hand painted authentic female deer skull head

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The deer is a symbol of gentleness and wonder. It has been used in many faiths as a symbol of grace, compassion love and even fertility. There is something magical about being visited by one of these majestic creatures both in our dreams and in life. 

This piece has been painted in a red and black ombre effect giving a darker, stronger aesthetic.  

It measures  11 inches long, 5 inches wide and 4 inches tall. 

This lovely and elaborate hand painted deer skull has been ethically sourced by local Florida farms. We believe that there should never be a waste. In saying this, all portions of the animal's remains have been preserved or used to feed local Florida families. These animals have lived healthy happy lives with children and lots of love. We feel that this puts an extra element into the artwork that is unable to be attained by commercially sought out products. Each and every item is unique and handcrafted. Requests for replications may be accepted but each item will turn out slightly different due to the individuality of each specimen. 

Each piece has been processed using a mixture of natural products and elements. They each go through a rigorous cleaning process including both sun and moon baths in order to assure they are ready before use. Due to this they are fragile and will be shipped in a large box with packing materials. Many materials are recycled or reused from local businesses.