Purifying elixir natural essential oil crystal infused yoga mat cleaner

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As a yoga instructor and a healthcare professional I had the epiphany one day about the very thing I use on a daily basis: my yoga mat. We roll it up, put it in our car, have it on the floor or outside then put our hands and face on it. Think downdog to child's pose. My feet where just where my face is now resting. This doesnt even take the other classes into effect where sweat and tears mingle. Then the hot car where everything loves to live.

I wanted my mat cleaned yesterday!

Why stop there? I didnt want to smell bleach and harsh chemicals. 

I have constructed a natural based disinfectant that is not only pleasant smelling but uses both essential oils and Crystals to aid in our yoga practice. 

 The benefits of my purifying elixir:




Crystal infused

All of my elixirs are infused with selenite powder.  Selenite is a water soluble crystal. It is a natural cleansing stone. It can rid the body and mind of negative energies helping to rid anxiety, depression. It helps to remove energy blockages within the body opening up our passageways needed to enhance our yoga practice. 

Rose quartz are found at the bottom of ever bottle. This not only helps with grounding, togetherness, and all around tranquility.